A Doctor using patient referral software on his laptop at his desk, also has a blue stethoscope, a clipboard, and a smartphone.
It’s a well known fact that patients who are more actively engaged with their healthcare experience tend to stay healthier, resulting in a healthier population and less strain on the American healthcare system. This principle is known as “patient engagement” and has inspired an abundance of software, tools, and solutions. There’s a wide range of tools available, but how do you know which tools will work for your network?

The Benefits of Patient Engagement

Patient engagement includes both patient activation and initiatives designed to promote positive patient behavior. There are usually 3 goals for patient engagement: improved health, better patient care, and lower overall costs. Initiatives can include promoting health literacy through patient resources, streamlined communication with healthcare professionals, and improving the patient experience.

Patient Engagement Software

Some of the best examples of patient engagement leverage cloud based technology to bridge the gap between doctors and patients. For example, some services give patients access to schedule appointments using a patient portal. This makes it easier and more seamless for people to get in to see their doctor. Other patient portals offer educational materials online.

Fibroblast: A Patient Engagement Solution

Fibroblast’s PCP Referral platform helps boost in-network referrals, reduces patient leakage, and inspires higher levels of patient engagement. The Fibroblast platform improves the patient experience by increasing access to care and rates of follow up. It also increases patient attendance rates and referral visits by more than 30%. It does this by sending clear and timely patient status notifications, appointment reminders, and referral information.

Better rates of follow up, less network leakage, and lower network costs sound like a unanimous win for any network. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Fibroblast today!