Measure and Master Metrics that Matter

Developing a referral intelligence strategy has been a top priority for healthcare organizations in 2019. However, many healthcare executives aren’t sure how to best measure and track their efforts to illustrate progress, find opportunities for continued improvement and ensure ongoing results.
In our work with organizations across the country, we’ve found that these four metrics are most critical for guiding your strategy and proving ROI — in the first 90-days and beyond.
  • Learn which metrics matter most and how they impact your network strategy
  • Determine if you're tracking all of the numbers to know for each critical metric
  • Discover how these metrics create the framework for a flawless ROI analysis
  • Assess next steps for tracking metrics continuously and using data for ongoing improvements

Building Your Referral Intelligence Action Plan

Developing a referral intelligence strategy is a top priority for healthcare providers in 2019. We created our new step-by-step guide to simplify what you need to know and how to transform that knowledge into action – and into results. These four steps will empower your organization to protect millions in revenue, reduce value-based risk, improve the patient experience and fix provider frustrations.
  • Learn how to build the optimal cross-functional team to support your new strategy
  • Find out if your organization has the required data sources to fuel success
  • Determine where process gaps lead to inefficiencies that your new strategy can address
  • Prioritize next steps to begin impacting referral patterns quickly & then drive long-term results

Referral Intelligence Planning Guide

This Referral Intelligence Planning Guide is designed to kick-start your new, improved referral strategy by asking four discovery questions to assess your organization’s current state.
These answers will help to guide the path forward towards a more strategic, data-driven approach to referral intelligence that will deliver both top-line revenue growth and cost and margin protection.

Download the planning guide to:

  • Learn the 4 most important discovery questions to help you evaluate your organization's current process and challenges
  • Discover why these questions matter for closing the referral loop and reducing patient leakage
  • Determine if your organization has ready-access to the right information to create a more data-driven referral strategy

The Referral Intelligence Checklist

Does your organization have a patient referral problem? Referral intelligence is one of the new core competencies that healthcare organizations must master in 2019 to succeed in both a fee-for-service and fee-for-value world. See how many boxes you can check to determine where you stand.  

Download the Checklist to:

  • Learn the key components of a data-driven approach to referral management 
  • Analyze how your organization measures up to industry best practices
  • Discover where your strategy can improve with the support of patient-matching algorithms

The Executive’s Guide to Referral Intelligence

Do you know the power of referral intelligence? The Executive's Guide to Referral Intelligence explains how more effective referral management delivers meaningful top-line revenue growth while also delivering margin and cost protection in the transition to value. It illustrates how a data-driven referral intelligence strategy meets the needs of today and the evolving needs of tomorrow.

Download the guide to:

  • Learn how to quantify the cost and quality impact of inefficient referral management
  • Discover how a renewed focus on referral intelligence improves care coordination
  • Uncover how embracing data-driven technology helps to increase adoption of best practices

Survey Report: The High Cost of Patient Leakage

Healthcare organizations have many priorities but this recent survey found that leaders must focus more attention on patient referral intelligence and leakage. Why? Executives revealed that a significant portion of their revenue is being lost to leakage. More troublingly, high leakage rates could be hurting care quality and the patient experience.

Download the survey report to:

  • Understand the gap between priority and action and why executives are struggling
  • Determine how much revenue is at-risk due to inefficient referral management
  • Learn how data-driven technology helps to reduce leakage and improve care
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