What's Your Call Center's Referral Intelligence?

Healthcare call centers across the country are taking the lead in a more centralized referral management strategy—and increasing their efficiency by almost 300% by processing referrals with Fibroblast. Even more importantly, staff satisfaction is on the rise and patients are more satisfied.

To arm your call center staff with the best practices and tools to effectively manage patient referrals, we recommend a best practice approach that allows you to answer ‘yes’ to all of the questions below.
  • Does your call center team have ready access to an accurate, dynamic provider directory?
  • Does your call center team have access to provider search features that match patients to physicians based on availability, insurance, specialty and sub-specialty, affiliation, location, cost, and quality?
  • Does your call center team have data and workflows for referral management that fit into existing workflows?
  • Can your call center team track referrals from end-to-end to ensure continuity of care for patients?
  • Does your call center team have access to a dashboard to measure efficiency for referral processing?
  • Do you have technology that enables your team to communicate with patients via text or email to remind them about appointments and reduce referral no-shows?
Congratulations if you’re one of the healthcare call centers that can say for every ‘yes’ for each response. If you’re not quite there yet, we can help with both the strategic guidance and the technology to make all ‘yeses’ your new reality.

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