Experts agree that the business of healthcare has changed. In this decade, healthcare executives will face new challenges and market pressures that cannot be addressed be the same old strategies. They must adapt or be left behind. Motivated by both fear and a drive to succeed, they are choosing to take action – and they are starting now.

We’ve worked with healthcare executives from networks across the country that have chosen this path and have succeeded. It is a journey of transformation that can seem daunting at first but promises real results. But we’ve also found that this journey is far less daunting once executives embrace a new data-driven mindset, and the knowledge and tools that accompany that new way of thinking.

This important work is the core of what will likely be looked back on as one of the greatest moments of transformation that our industry has ever known. This is a network evolution. This is a movement about becoming better at business, doing better for patients, and delivering better care.

The best part is that the secret to success isn’t so much a secret. It’s a methodical approach that’s been proven by high-performing networks.

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