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Fibroblast and Treasure Coast Integrated Healthcare Partner to Deliver Higher Quality Care at Lower Cost

Fibroblast’s Technology Will Promote Better Experiences for Patients and More Profitability for the Network


Chicago, ILFibroblast, the leading referral management platform, and Treasure Coast Integrated Healthcare (TCIH) announced a new partnership to implement Fibroblast’s referral management technology into the new clinically integrated network. TCIH, the Stuart, Florida-based network – which includes providers like the Indian River County Hospital operated by Cleveland Clinic, South Florida Orthopeadics, and Cardiology Associates – will use Fibroblast’s patient referral management technology to help patients and the network’s providers identify the highest quality, lowest cost physicians and services for patient referrals, streamline referral processes, and provide the high-efficiency care required of a value-based organization.


Fibroblast’s referral decision support algorithms, sophisticated workflow tools, and real-time analytics will enable our organization to deliver higher quality, lower cost care to patients,” said Candice Tettamanti, Executive Director of Treasure Coast Integrated Healthcare. “Fibroblast will also create substantial operational efficiencies, while reducing the risk of certain value-based care contracts, leading to greater profitability,” she added.


“Effective referral management is the linchpin of success for value-based care. Fibroblast will allow TCIH to effectively manage referrals in our network by delivering the right clinical, quality, and cost data to TCIH physicians and their staff, at the right time, at the point of care,” said Dr. Daniel Edelman, TCIH’s Chief Medical Informatics Officer.  “Fibroblast’s referral management technology will ensure that a patient is matched with the most appropriate doctor or service for that patient. Fibroblast will improve patient experiences, reduce wasteful and inappropriate services, and help us deliver better patient outcomes.”


“We are honored to partner with Treasure Coast Integrated Healthcare” said Scott Vold, CEO and co-founder of Fibroblast. “Improving the referral process will improve the patient experience overall. Fibroblast’s referral management technology allows clinicians to focus on delivering high-quality care, creating a smoother experience for patients, and saving health systems money. Treasure Coast Integrated Healthcare will be a national leader in delivering value-based care, and we are delighted to be a part of that.”


The partnership will include a full rollout of Fibroblast’s technology at all TCIH member facilities, as well as integrations with the large, existing electronic medical record systems. By partnering with Fibroblast, TCIH provides its clinicians with a technological foundation to improve referral management, and continue to blaze the trail in delivering efficient and value-based medical care.


About TCIH

TCIH is a group of hospitals and providers who collaborate and contract together to improve quality and control costs, i.e., achieve value. TCIH was created to engage physicians to lead our transformation to deliver higher quality and more cost-effective care. TCIH will lead the development of a health system organized for population health to accomplish the transformation from volume-based reimbursement to value-based. This transformation in care delivery and financing will require significant physician engagement and leadership to assure patient-centered care with the goals of Triple Aim: improve the patient care experience, improve population health and reduce the per capita cost of care.


About Fibroblast

Fibroblast is a Chicago-based health technology company on a mission to fix the broken referral process to ensure that no patient falls through a crack in the healthcare system and misses out on potentially lifesaving care. Fibroblast automates the physician referral process and reduces patient leakage from provider networks, increasing revenue and mapping referral patterns in real-time. In the fee-for-service context, Fibroblast closes the referral loop to drive top-line revenues, increase patient satisfaction, and improve patient outcomes through better access to care. In the fee-for-value context, Fibroblast’s automated referral platform reduces risk by guiding referrals to the highest quality, lowest cost providers, improving profitability, patient outcomes, and population health. Fibroblast is venture-funded, an alum of Excelerate Labs/TechStars and 1871, and a founding member of MATTER, a community of healthcare entrepreneurs and industry leaders working together in a shared space to individually and collectively fuel the future of healthcare innovation.